Phoebe's Story


Phoebe’s Story

At the heart of every major development project are the people whose lives will be changed. When the UN approached us about a project that will bring electricity to rural clinics in Uganda, we wanted to know what life was like before they had electricity. As it turns out, it was very difficult.

The majority of women in Uganda give birth at night, and no electricity means no lights. Doctors and nurses were delivering babies only by the light of their cellphones which lead to a host of other problems. We knew we wanted to find a way to show the dramatic impact that illumination can have when it comes to medical procedures, and we decided to do this meant filming a baby being born.  After many long nights of waiting in the clinic, we were finally able to capture a woman giving birth in a brightly lit birthing suite. To contrast this, we traveled to another village to film in a birthing suite that didn’t have power yet. In the end, the visual differences are stark and show just how important a single light bulb can be.

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