Heroes Take Their Stands

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Heroes Take Their Stands

We collaborated with renowned cellist Yo-Yo Ma’s Silkroad Ensemble on a year-long project profiling the launch of their latest concert performance – Heroes Take Their Stands. Working directly with musicians from around the world, we produced a 30 minute documentary film following the ensemble behind-the-scenes as they struggled to bring this award-winning performance to life.

The Challenge

The creative directors at Silkroad came to us with two questions – how can we visualize our artistic process to an audience and showcase the Silkroad model of communicating across differences? We knew that this would require an immersive approach with the subject.

We received intimate access with some of the most accomplished musicians in the world – from American jazz pianists to Peruvian electric violinists – to document the creation of a series of multimedia musical performances. Using an observational documentary aesthetic, we followed the story of two composers as they worked to meld these wide-ranging musical styles into a single creative vision. The project took us from Washington, DC to Houston to Los Angeles, from small workshops to huge concert halls, to tell this unique musical story.

Distribution and Outcome

This short documentary film and promotional trailers were part of a worldwide educational campaign for schools, community groups and general audiences, teaching the value of cross-cultural conversations and the importance of everyday heroes in our world. Hundreds of thousands of people are engaging with the film through screenings and conversations, speaking about important issues of peace in our time.


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