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Just Demoracy

We partnered with The Hub Project’s Just Democracy campaign to produce a video series advocating for social justice in advance of the 2020 election. Made up of over 30 grassroots racial justice groups from across the country, their work focuses on dismantling a system that preserves white supremacy and silences people of color.

The Challenge

Just Democracy wanted to activate voters in advance of the most consequential election of our lives – focusing on progressive issues of injustice. But Just Democracy is made up of a diverse group of organizations – each with a unique story and mission – and we needed to make sure the campaign had a united message while elevating individual human stories.


We knew that the people behind the message would be the most effective way to get an audience motivated. Along with the Just Democracy team, we found key activists in their network that provided powerful testimony and connected to a variety of issues. The campaign featured a launch video with a survivor of the Parkland shooting, an individual video featuring a gun safety advocate in Chicago and a video series with a doctor whose life had been devastated by the coronavirus. We concluded with an anthem video including activists covering voting access, reproductive rights and other important issues – speaking with one voice about social injustice.

Distribution and Outcome

This video campaign was part of a nationwide marketing strategy, including paid advertisements in targeted online markets. In addition to being featured as pre-roll on social media, including Facebook and Instagram, the videos were under the online banner of the Washington Post for two days, targeting decision makers in the Washington, DC area. Overall, the campaign targeted millions of voters in the voting demographics most attuned to the Just Democracy message.


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