Gun Safety President


Gun Safety President

We partnered with Giffords: Courage to Fight Gun Violence – one of the nation’s leading gun violence advocacy organizations – to produce this digital series featuring major candidates for the 2020 Democratic Presidential Nomination speaking with one voice on the issue of gun safety. Released in the heat of the primary season, this series included full videos and a cutdown package for paid media.

The Challenge

The digital team at Giffords came to us with an enormous challenge – how can we work within the schedules of some of the nation’s busiest people while also creating a video series that spoke with one unified voice? Never before had this many candidates been willing to speak together with such force on the issue of gun violence – we knew that this was a historic moment.

We employed a direct-to-camera aesthetic, emphasizing a personal connection with the audience, while also crafting targeted questions that would allow us to edit unscripted responses together for multiple videos. Most importantly, we developed a mobile studio set-up which we traveled across the country – from hotel ballrooms to the candidates’ homes – to help establish the sense of one uniform message.

Distribution and Outcome

This series was the most successful in the history of the organization, reaching 6 million organic views and 10 million paid views. In addition to being featured on CNN, NPR’s Morning Edition and MSNBC, these viral videos garnered the attention of major public figures including Hillary Clinton and Jimmy Kimmel – expanding its reach to an even wider audience.


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