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Over the past couple of years, we’ve produced two original films covering stories that bring us an immense sense of gratitude to have helped caputre. 

Music of The Spheres


Wanda Diaz-Merced studies the universe through sound. After losing her eyesight in early adulthood, she found a way to continue her work as an astrophysicist by converting scientific data into sound. Through a process known as “sonification,” Diaz-Merced listens to the stars to detect patterns in seemingly random astrophysical data. As she says, “If we only see with our eyes, our perception is very narrow.”

Our short documentary was honored at the NASA Cinespace Film Competition in Houston, and later received a Vimeo Staff Pick. In addition, it was featured on National Geographic’s Short Film Showcase and Outside Magazine, receiving over half a million online views in total.


2014 // HAITI

Blacksun is a young Haitian rapper living in Cite Solye, one of the most notorious slums in Port-au-Prince. A neighborhood historically plagued by violence, poverty, and negative international headlines, Blacksun, and his fellow musicians, see little hope to ever being heard. This short doc is an introduction to Blacksun’s voice, talent, and passion for his music and the place he calls home.

We first met blacksun while working on a documentary about Cite Soley (a notorious Haitian slum) for a French Television channel. A local radio station we were working with let him record his music in their studio while they weren’t broadcasting. For months afterward his music remained with us, along with his passion for creating it. We decided to return to Cite Soley and meet up with Blacksun, and learn more about his life.

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