Aspen Anthem


Aspen Anthem

We partnered with the Aspen Institute to create a series of individual stories of exemplary community college students for their STEM Awards partnership with the Siemen’s Foundation. The program is designed to highlight the value that community colleges can provide individuals, communities, and businesses across the United States through excellent programs that prepare students for middle-skill jobs in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) fields.

We wanted to take the videos one step further and make sure we had a rock solid mission statement for the series. Through our conversations with Aspen and Siemens we were able to distill their goals into one idea- to change the stigma around community colleges. We wanted young people to see that Community Colleges aren’t just for people who didn’t get into a four year colleges, but they are real, viable paths to a rewarding career. We chose individuals who embodied that, and told their stories.

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